2012 Cultural Workshops:

BGonzalez_edavila1 – Children’s Workshop 
Taíno Storytelling by Bobby González

Take a journey through the landsof the Taíno, the Aztec, Maya and Aymara through stories that date back more than a thousand years. During this interactive program, Gonzalez brings The Skunk Who Fell in Love With the Moon, Matu the Manatee, and other indigenous tales to life with hand puppets and audience participation. Among the other legends to be performed include Yeyo the Coqui, Amapola and the Butterfly and the Brazilian myth of the Star Woman. This repertoire of timeless fables, are drawn from the cultures of Puerto Rico, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic and other countries from Central and South America and the Caribbean. Bobby will inspire your imagination and take you on a voyage of fun and danger.

Age level: All ages

santos de palo by Marta Rodriguez2 – Childrern’s Workshop 
Story of the 3 Kings by Teresa Santiago

Children and families will be inspired by the story of the three Kings and how it is celebrated and observed in Puerto Rico. As a hands-on project participants will be making paper crowns that can be worn or used as a holiday decoration.

Teresa A. Santiago is a collector of Three Kings statures, paintings, books, memorabilia from around the world with an extensive collections that includes Three Kings art from Italy, Germany, England, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Santo Domingo and of course Puerto Rico. The heart of her collection focusing on Puerto Rican artisans work.

She is a devout proponent of continuing the tradition of celebrating the Feast of the Three Kings on January 6.

Age level:
This workshop is appropriate for children as young as 3 if they have family assistance.
There is no age limit, you’re never too old to make a crown.

photo - Carlos Manuel Rivera3 – Children’s Workshop
Puerto Rican Literature by Carlos Manuel Rivera

Puerto Rican literature, Professor Carlos Manuel Rivera, and the participants will perform, read, and discuss different manifestations of Puerto Rican poetry through the time. The participants will be inspired by the poetry written by authors: Francisco Ayerra de Santa María, José Gautier Benítez, José De Diego, Luis Llorens Torres, Luis Palés Matos, Julia de Burgos, Francisco Matos Paoli, Angela María Dávila, and Pedro Pietri.

Through the journey from the pre- Columbian areyto and the colonial era until the contemporary Nuyorican poetry, and by the description of different periods, styles, movements, schools, theories, the participants will acknowledge how the manifestation of Puerto Rican poetry in different moments of history has been a cultural enrichment placed from the local, translocal to the universal.

The workshop will be conducted in Spanish and English (bilingual).

photo - Milteri Tucker4 – Children’s Workshops 
Bomba Bombazo Dance Class by Milteri Tucker

Come and learn how to Make That Drum Talk!™ with dancer and choreographer Milteri Tucker Concepcion. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she learned from the distinguished masters of the Island. Milteri has developed a class designed for the beginner bomba dancer for both men and women. Her classes provides a friendly, non-competitive environment for the entire family to enjoy!

Come learn the basic steps, figure, timing and a peek of skirt technique for the ladies!

Age level: Adults

This workshop will be mainly in Spanish.


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